Smarter. Faster. Affordable.

The most powerful alert solution for door barricades

Instant SMS alerts increase emergency response. Activates within seconds. A cost-efficient solution for every budget.

Protect what matters most

Schools need to be prepared for the unthinkable. So we’ve built a reliable system to enhance campus safety.


Respond Faster

In moments of emergency, every second matters. Our solution includes an automatic panic alert that teachers can use to silently alert administrators and authorities when a non-lockdown emergency is in progress, including:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Suspicious activities
  • Student bullying
  • And more!
“My students feel safer!”

“Knowing that I can lock outward swinging doors down in a few seconds is a fantastic solution and the best I’ve seen on the market.”

Kari K. Los Angeles Unified School District


school shootings in America since 2013
Most lockdown policies for classrooms include


the doors


classroom protection enhancement.

1500 schools and 100,000 doors protected

Activate hardware. Set Alert Preferences. Monitor & Protect.

Sets up in minutes. Scan the devices. Add an unlimited number of alert recipients. Monitor door barricade status 24/7.

DIY Installation

Lockdown alert is easy to install, but we’d be happy to help you. Learn More

Knowledge and Awareness

Sends first alert notification when the wall box is opened.

Sends second alert notification when barricade handle is activated.

Provides real-time visualization of locked down classrooms.

Works with Nightlock® Door Barricade

  • Tremendous force resistance of up to 2,000 lbs.
  • Works on inward and outward swinging doors
  • Anchors securely to floor to prevent intruder-tampering
  • Barricades doors within seconds

Already have the Nightlock® door barricade?

We can retrofit our solution to your existing barricade within minutes! Contact us to learn more


Protects more than classrooms


Commercial Offices




Places of Worship


Government Offices


What can LockDown Alert do for my school?

LockDown Alert is a smart, automated emergency notification system that instantly alerts teachers, administrators, emergency personnel, and crisis teams that a lockdown event is in progress.

Is LockDown Alert only for schools?

LockDown Alert can protect beyond school campuses. The alert system is used by other organizations such as offices, government, worship, airports, hospitals, and anywhere lockdown protection is needed.

How does LockDown Alert work?

Wireless sensors are attached to the door barricade system. Once activated, the alert system sends emails and SMS text messages to a pre-configured list of recipients. There is also a floor plan view to easily visualize lockdown activity.

How many alert recipients are supported?

LockDown Alert can support an unlimited number of alert recipients.

How long does it take to install LockDown Alert?

Total installation time will vary based on school size, but each classroom installation takes only a few minutes.

How much does it cost?

LockDown Alert is designed to fit the needs of a variety of school budgets, but the total cost will vary based on the unique size and needs of each school. Contact us for a personalized estimate.